Switch Kit

Switching to the Farmers & Merchants Bank of Kendall is easy and painless with our convenient switch kit.  Simply follow the step-by-step instructions below and start discovering how pleasant a hometown community bank can be.

Step 1:  Opening Your New Farmers & Merchants Bank of Kendall Account(s)

All new accounts must be opened in person at one of our bank locations.  To open your new account(s), simply stop by one of our branch locations and speak to a banking representative.  All owners of the account must be present at the time of opening.  Please remember to bring in your Social Security Card, a current government-issued photo ID and another form of identification.

Step 2:  Stop Using Your Old Accounts

Once your new Farmers & Merchants Bank of Kendall account(s) are open, you can stop using the accounts at your old bank.  Be sure you have enough funds in your accounts to cover any outstanding checks or automatic payments.

Step 3:  Switch Any Direct Deposits or Automatic Payments

Once your accounts are opened, you will need to contact businesses who may initiate automatic deposits or withdrawals to your Farmers & Merchants Bank of Kendall account.  We are able to help set up your government direct deposits, such as Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Veterans Compensations & Pension, Civil Service Retirement and Survivor Annuity, Railroad Retirement Annuity, and Railroad Unemployment/Sickness.

Step 4:  Close Your Old Bank Accounts

Be sure all of your outstanding checks have cleared, and be sure any direct deposits and automatic payment drafts have been properly switched to your new Farmers & Merchants Bank of Kendall account.  Once this is done, you can visit your current bank to close out your accounts and transfer any remaining balances.  Please contact us if you need any assistance closing your old accounts.

That’s it!  It’s really that simple!  Please allow up to 4 weeks for the transfers to take place.  We will work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and simple transition to your new Farmers & Merchants Bank of Kendall account.